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“For the past three years the Yeshiva and its community have helped me make tremendous strides in my learning, and have cemented the foundations of Torah upon which I hope to build for the rest of my life. The Rebbeim and guys are all warm, open-minded, and friendly, which has definitely helped in making me feel comfortable in my learning environment. ”


Yehuda Isseroff  West Hempstead, NY

Rambam Mesivta / Yeshivat HaKotel

“As an out-of-towner from a small community in Silicon Valley, I had no idea what to expect from YBT. What I found was a welcoming community, a friendly atmosphere, intelligent people, and insightful Rebbeim. From svora to halacha and hashkafa, YBT has sharpened my mind and improved my character. Now, having acquired a solid foundation, I feel capable and energized to live by a Torah-true Derech.”


Yonah Berwaldt  Palo Alto, CA

Stanford University, 2008

Rav Pesach Chait with Yehuda Isseroff









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Chasdei Shmully

A new fund in Shmully's memory now provides for families with their most basic needs. Please read and support this important cause, in Shmully's memory.


AVI PINCUS  Physical Education Program

Dearest friends and family,

Please take a moment to look at the flyer about the Avi Pincus Physical Education Program taking place at Priority 1 and consider making a donation. A big part of Avi's life was about helping others. What better way for us to continue that ideal than in starting a program in a school that benefited Avi, and currently benefits many kids that would otherwise have no other option.  This is a small but appropriate way to honor and remember Avi, while also making a positive impact on others. We hope you will join us in contributing to this meaningful cause. When making a donation, please include "Avi Pincus Physical Education Program" in the note.


Best, Avi's family



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