Derech Ha'Chayim

C-6 First Rashi in Bereishis, Yaakov and His Children

D-5 Nidda & Kashrus-Kedoshim Tihyu

D-31 Mitzvos (Mitzvos 1, See D-32 for Mitzvos 2)

D-29 Desire & Freedom

D-2 Security and Wealth

D-4 Proof of Learning

C-5 Shatnez



Yesodei HaTorah

D-139 Yesodei HaTorah 1 (Yesodei HaTorah - Masoret 1)

D-140 Yesodei HaTorah 2 (Yesodei HaTorah - Masoret 2, and Timtum HaLev)

D-6 Bechira (Free Will 1, See D-30 for Free Will 2)

R-6 Teshuva 1 (Rambam Hilchos Teshuva 1)

R-7 Teshuva 2 (Rambam Hilchos Teshuva 2)

D-17 Tefila 1

D-18 Tefila 2 (See Tefila Below for Tefila 3, 4, and 5)

D-68 Tefila 6

D-77 Tefila 7

C-59 Shiras HaYam (Shir al HaYam)



Torah Mi'Sinai

D-94 Debate Between R’ Chait and James Walker

D-124 To Believe or to Know

D-19 Knowledge & Perfection

D-43 Torah Mi'Sinai 1 (Proof of Torah MiSinai 1)

D-44 Torah Mi' Sinai 2 (Proof of Torah MiSinai 2)

D-36b Sinai and Mesora



Avoda Zara

D-8 Avoda Zara and Chate Ha’Egel (Avoda Zara)

D-338 Derech Avoda Zara 1 (Ideas Behind Isurei Avoda Zara 1)

D-339 Derech Avoda Zara 2 (Ideas Behind Isurei Avoda Zara 2)

D-142b Magic and Astrology

D-38 Choosing the Correct Philosophy



Midrashim and Miscellaneous

R-1 Rambam - Introduction to Perech Chelek 1 (Rambam Perek Chelek I)

R-2 Rambam - Introduction to Perech Chelek 2 (Rambam Perek Chelek II)

R-3 Rambam - Introduction to Perech Chelek 3 (Rambam Perek Chelek III)

R-4 Rambam - Introduction to Perech Chelek 4 (Rambam Perek Chelek IV)

R-5 Rambam - Introduction to Perech Chelek 5 (Rambam Perek Chelek V)

D-118 Kiddush HaChodesh & Purim

D-142a Satan, Malach Ha’Maves and Yetzer Hara

BN-9360 Adam in Gan Eden (The Garden of Eden (#1), See BN-9361 for The Garden of Eden (#2))

D-72 Tznius 1

D-73 Tznius 2




HL-145 Mesora 1 - Shavuos 1993

HL-146 Mesora 2 - Shavuos 1993

HL-147 Mesora 3 - Shavuos 1993

D-1 Methodology 1 (Method)

D-12 Methodology 2 (Application of Method)

D-35 Methodology 3 (Halachic Reality)

D-37 Methodology 4 (Evolution of Machlokes)




D-22 Tefila 3

D-23 Tefila 4

D-24 Tefila 5



Pesach Seder

HL-14 The Seder 1

HL-15 The Seder 2

HL-16 The Seder 3

HL-30 The Seder 4




D-69 Kabbala - Al Tifnu el HaElilim

D-95 Kabbalah, The Evil Eye, Lashon Hara

D-121 Ramban and Rambam on Kabbalah 1

D-122 Ramban and Rambam on Kabbalah 2

Selected Shiurim



Our Rebbeim have compiled the following shiurim given by the Rosh Hayeshiva,  as primary to grasping the Torah's foundations.

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